Our Story

Heart&Soul came into existence through passion.  Passion for the breed of Standardbred, passion for the horse, passion for the delicate and rewarding relationship between a human and a horse.  We wanted to promote the Standardbred, who's beginnings go back to 1788, and we wanted a visual ever lasting solid talisman to do that.

I started creating the unique one of a kind horseshoes you see here in 2015 based on the premise that horseshoes are good luck.  Did you know that brides in the UK carry horseshoes in their bouquets...granted they are plastic now and not the real thing, but they used to be.  Sailors still have horseshoes nailed to the masts of their ships and we know they are good luck because with every purchase 100% of the cost goes back to the horses.  Good luck to you, good luck to them.

We can make a horseshoe for any of your life's events where a little luck would come in handy, and really, when is a little luck not a handy thing to have?

We also make horseshoes in Memorial of those we have loved with all our heart & soul but have left us for greener pastures.  If you would like a Memorial horseshoe then please contact me.  My heart will ache for your loss and I will ask you about your beloved steed ("BFF") what you did with your BFF, what were his/her colours and the hardest part is asking for some of the mane, or the tail of your BFF.  These I will lovingly and respectfully entwine into a horseshoe that embodies the life you shared with your BFF.    Artfully and tastefully done this horseshoe would be a piece you could place anywhere in your home, your barn, your trailer and no one would be any the wiser, you would know that your BFF is with you always.  Anyone who has ever truly loved a horse knows the pain of loss.  The two just go hand in hand and Heart&Soul gets that.



Kisses on the nose of your BFF are just the best kisses....ever


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